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This information will help familiarize new members with our organization. MGA members access two independent websites to manage all league activities. This website ( is your source for all league related information including schedules, event results, weekly pairings and other useful information. The Hot Springs Village POA Golf Department manages all of our league event registrations. To register for weekly events members need to login into the POA member portal. There you need to go to the "League" section under "Member Services" to register. More detailed information can be found in the Event Registration Guide below. If you need any assistance feel free to contact us via email or phone. MGA Board Member contact information can be found by clicking the button below.

Before you will be able to sign up for any MGA 18 event you will need to complete a 2 step registration process. You need to establish your GHIN account through the POA Golf Department before registering for the MGA and you. First go to the POA main office and ask the receptionist for the GHIN registration form. Fill out the form and pay the appropriate fee. This fee goes to the Arkansas State Golf Association. Usually by the next business day the golf department will email your new GHIN account number (you will need this to register with the MGA).

Then you can join the MGA (button is below). Once we receive confirmation of your MGA 18 registration, we will forward your information to the golf department. They will confirm that your GHIN account is active and they will add your name to the MGA 18 golf league. All these steps must be completed before you will be able to sign up for any MGA 18 events. This process usually takes 1 week to finalize. Please allow time before attempting to register for any event. You will know the process is complete when you are able to view events on the POA Total-E member portal. Follow the guide below for more detail. Thank you for joining us!


Clcik the button below to view the Event Registration Guide. Follow the instructions to familiarize yourself with the event registration process.


Click the button below for an overview of all weekly event information. 



Click the button below to be re-directed to the POA member login (Total-E). Follow the instructions found in the Registration Guide to register for weekly events.