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Before you will be able to sign up for MGA events you will need to complete a 2 step registration process:

1.  Your GHIN must be registered in the Hot Springs Village club with the POA Golf Department

      and you must have 10 rounds entered in the last 6 months.

2.  Call 501-922-2858 or go to the POA Golf Department at the Balboa Golf course.  Print and fill the form in advance if needed or ask for the GHIN registration form at the office.  Fill out the form and pay the appropriate fee. This fee goes to the Arkansas State Golf Association. Usually by the next business day the golf department will email your new GHIN account number or if possible add your GHIN to the Hot Springs Village club.

Now you can register for the MGA.  The annual fee is $55 (click button below). Once we receive confirmation of your MGA 18 registration and payment, we will forward your information to the POA Golf department. They confirm your GHIN account is active and will add your information to the MGA 18 golf league which will enable MGA18 league events on the HSV POA Website.  This process usually takes 1 week to finalize. Please allow time before attempting to register for events. You will know the process is complete when you are able to view events on the POA Northstar member portal. Follow the guide below for more detail.


In 1972 our founders envisioned a regularly scheduled golf competition and social interaction to bring members together and to promote golf in Hot Springs Village.  We begin our season at the end of March with the Spring Meeting and Kickoff Tournament.  We end in October with the Tournament Directors Scramble.  Additional events include the Snowman Tournament in February and the two-day Member/Member Tournament in August.

Golfers are divided into 4 groups based on their handicap allowing golfers of all skill levels to compete in a variety of events.  Flights are established within each Group based on your GHIN handicap to ensure competitive integrity for all individual and team events.  We also have several Inter-group events where players from all skill levels are combined for a fun day of camaraderie.  In each event approximately 40% of the field will be awarded points based on performance.  At the end of the season points are converted to pro-shop merchandise credits that can be used in any HSV pro-shop.  For the past 5 years we have paid out 90 to 100% of dues.

The MGA 18 is the largest golf association in the Village.

Come join the fun.

Managing MGA 18 League Activities

MGA members access two independent websites to manage all league activities. This website ( is your source for all league related information including schedules, event results, weekly pairings, and other useful information.

The Hot Springs Village POA Golf Department manages all our league event registrations. To register for events members need to login into the POA member portal
If you ever need assistance joining MGA or registering for events,

feel free to contact us via email or phone.


Clcik the button below to view the Event Registration Guide. Follow the instructions to familiarize yourself with the event registration process.


Click the button below for an overview of all weekly event information. 



Click the button below to be re-directed to the POA member login (Northstar). Follow the instructions found in the Registration Guide to register for weekly events. 


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